Whilst there seems to be uncertainty about what’s happening with Google+ or indeed its role in social media marketing, one Google tool every business should be registered with is Google My Business.

Google My Business is your business listing with Google. It provides three clear benefits to any business wishing to be found online:

  1. More prominence in search results
  2. You show up on Google Maps
  3. Your customers can provide reviews

More prominence in search results

Have you ever noticed that when you search for something relating to a product or service, Google often gives you a mix of search results and sometimes a more prominent listing including a map and some pins on that map to local businesses? Well that’s because those businesses are registered with Google My Business.

So registering your business, you get the chance of a more prominent search listing for your business, although obviously other factors such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and relevance determine what is being shown in the search results and indeed if you’re listed within the featured area. But also, registering with Google My Business gives you a showcase for your business (usually on the right hand side of the search results) which includes a map, photos and information about your business (all taken from your Google My Business listing).

flavourfy my business

Google Maps

The fact that your business is showing up in a map in the search results is no coincidence. Registering with my business also puts your business on the map – i.e. if someone is looking at the area where your business is based in Google Maps, they’ll also see the name of your business as well on the map.


The final advantage is that Google My Business allows people to leave reviews for your business. Reviews on third party sites are a great SEO tool and of course provides confidence to prospective clients about your good service and products.

Keep it up to date

As with any online resource, just like your website make sure you keep your My Business listing up to date and complete and look out for those reviews (and don’t forget to thank people for leaving them – because in the long run it will help your business). And on that point, if you haven’t noticed it’s now possible to add specific holiday-time opening hours to your listing, so if you’re opening hours vary according to the time of year (e.g. over Christmas), you can now specify different times.

So what are you waiting for, get yourself seen online!

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