facing your blogging challengesI’ve said many times that the key to online success and the glue that sticks your website and social media strategies together is content: once you have an idea for content you should blog it and share it online. I think for some businesses that’s easier than for others and of course is very much driven by finding something to write about, which has purpose and is of interest (hopefully) to your readers and potential customers.

But if you can overcome the fear of blogging (what to write about, how much to write and the all round blockage to actually writing anything), it can be a very effective tool for your business. You just need to find the right tone of voice (for your business and brand) and the right subject matter to write about and getting writing.

Whether you subscribe to the view that you should be storytelling or writing technical information which demonstrates your worth in your industry, it all comes down to writing a blog post regularly and often (and not to give up, even when it looks like no one’s listening) and getting it out there for public consumption.

Anyway, everyone likes a good challenge, so I’ve challenged myself to write a blog post every (working) day for the foreseeable future to get over my own blogging demons (mainly what to write and whether it will be good enough). It will also serve the purpose of seeing what difference it makes – does it lead to more hits on my website, more engagement on my social channels, etc.? Good news so far, on days where I’ve blogged I’ve seen a 400% increase in hits to my website and I’ve noticed some retweets of my content on Twitter too.

It’s early days as I’ve only really started embarking on this challenge this week and undoubtedly on some days I will fail due to lack of time and other commitments but I’m confident I’ll try my best to write something every day. Some days it will be technical digital stuff (like the WordPress post from yesterday) other days it may be something more personal about me or a report back from a conference or workshop I’ve attended (like the recent post on a cyber resilience webinar I attended last week) – either way I’m going to soldier on and attempt to blog each day.

Why don’t you join me?

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who takes on a similar challenge, how they found it and whether they have any tips – let’s share our stories and tips!

And, if you have any digital marketing, cyber security, digital strategy, social media, data protection etc. questions that you feel could be answered in a blog post, send them over and I’ll see if I can answer them in a blog post – I don’t think it’s cheating getting blogging ideas from others!

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