Last year Google started using mobile friendliness as a ranking signal for search results on

Yesterday, they announced that from May that signal will be even stronger. If your website is already mobile friendly then you’ve nothing to worry about, but if your site isn’t responsive, then now’s the time to get that fixed, otherwise it will be even harder for it to rank in mobile search results. That said, Google do say that if your site isn’t mobile friendly but you have good, relevant content that serves the intent of the searcher better than other sites, then it could still rank highly in search results.

Of course, how much of an urgency getting it fixed is for you, will depend on whether your website visitors are coming from mobile devices, but with Google reporting the almost 50/50 split of desktop/mobile in terms of search traffic there’s really no excuse to get it sorted.

How you convert your site to be mobile friendly really depends on how it’s been built. You may need to speak to your web designer, web developer or the person who manages your site for you.

If you’re a WordPress user then there’s a few plugins out there you can try. Automattic’s Jetpack has a feature you can turn on which will make your website appear differently on mobile devices, plus there’s a handful of other plugins (free or paid for) which could help. But, you’ll need to play around with the settings and the plugins to see if they work for your site – I’ve played with a couple of the free plugins and whilst they rendered the site for mobile, the design and layout didn’t work so good. It may just be time for you to get a new website built; and if you’re looking to get a new website in the near future, make sure it will be mobile responsive – there really is no excuse for your web designer to produce you a site which isn’t, these days.

And, if you’re unsure whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, you can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and if you want to learn more, there’s plenty of information (including more detail about how to make your site mobile friendly) in Google’s Webmaster Mobile Guide.



If you’re unsure whether your site is responsive or not, you can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test site to find out.

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