Princes Trust Digital Marketing WorkshopI recently did a talk for the Bournemouth and Poole Prince’s Trust (I’m one of their specialist mentors) on digital marketing strategy. We only had a couple of hours for the workshop which in the bigger scheme of things isn’t much time to get across what essentially is a complex subject covering a large number of disciplines, so it was a whirlwind tour where I tried to touch on as much as possible.

The key intention of the talk was really to discuss what I consider to be the five core aspects of digital marketing (websites, SEO, social media, content and analytics) and how they fit into a wider digital strategy. I kicked off the workshop with a quick chat about three statistical reasons any business should be doing business online and then a discussion about what exactly is digital marketing – this seemed to be a good place to start.

Anyway, to complement this workshop and to add some of the substance from the discussions and cover off some of the areas we didn’t cover in much detail, I’ll be blogging over the coming weeks about the various aspects of digital marketing and ultimately concluding with my Strategy for Total Digital Awesomeness – being awesome online was the ‘strap-line’ for the talk. So, if you want to follow this journey through digital marketing and strategy, keep an eye on the Digitally Awesome blog category (or subscribe to the RSS feed), subscribe to my email list to get updates in your mailbox and/or visit the How to be Awesome at Marketing your Business Online page, which will gradually unfold into a useful online digital strategy resource and act as an index that pulls together all the blog posts into a cohesive structure.

As for the workshop, I got some great feedback from both the Prince’s Trust co-ordinators and the attendees:

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