ISPA LogoI’m really pleased to have been asked to be on the judging panel for this year’s ISPA Awards.

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) is a trade association that represents over 200 internet service providers in the UK. Their role includes everything from representation of the industry with parliamentarian, the government and other bodies to self-regulatory codes of practice.

My link with ISPA goes back over 15 years, when I started getting involved in my role as Content Regulation Manager at Thus plc right up until 2014 by why which time I was serving my third year as Chair of the ISPA Council. As a member of ISPA, as a member of their Council and as Chair over these 15 years or so, I’d represented ISPA and it’s members in many forums ranging from their policy work on internet content liability and law enforcement liaison, worked with the government on Bills relating to all kinds of topics from anti-terrorism and sexual offences to defamation as well as becoming an industry expert on internet content law and regulation.

So, I feel very honoured to have been asked back to judge the 2016 ISPA Awards. I’m not quite sure yet what or whom I’ll be judging but I’m one of a number of judges and I look forward to working with ISPA, the other judges and of course attending the Awards ceremony in July.

Mark Gracey at the 2013 ISPA Awards
Here’s me, as Chair, at the 2013 ISPA Awards


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