blogging for businessI recently attended a meeting of the Dorset Entrepreneurs Network entitled ‘Blogging for Business’. The network is an informal networking group that meets regularly to share business experience and knowledge – I’m always up for some peer support for my business.

Unfortunately the speaker wasn’t able to make the meeting at the last minute, so we had a little discussion amongst ourselves about blogging and why it’s a good thing for business. Thanks to a prompt from Flavourfy-friend, MTTM Animations, quite a lot of the focus of the discussion was about my plan to blog once a day, why I was doing it and what the business benefits were of adopting a blogging model. So in a nutshell, here’s what I said:

Firstly, I’ve not actually managed, as of yet, to achieve one blog post a day, but that’s not the point. I always thought, despite the intentions, that there would be days when I can’t blog – I am running a business after all. Instead, whilst it’s a hard challenge, it does actually serve some useful purposes.

My underlying intention is to see just how much blogging impacts on the hits to my website (driven by links to the content from social media and other online channels) and whilst I still need substantive data to assess that, the initial stats seem to show it makes a big difference. Plus it’s said content is a great driver for search engine optimisation as well as generating business leads, but I need to know just how much that’s the case for *my* business.

But it also serves the purpose of actually getting me to write something. It’s easy to get bogged down in trying to write the perfect post, one that ticks all the boxes (call to action, engaging, interesting, fun, factually correct, quotes statistical research, and so on…) but that often gets in the way. If you aim for what you perceive as perfection you often don’t actually achieve anything, or it takes a long time. So I want to challenge myself not to aim for perfection every time I write, but to just write!

Time it takes to blog was also a consideration. I want to roll out regular blog posts which can be time consuming and even if you sit down and start the day with blogging, you’ll find it can consume your whole day and you don’t get any of the day job done. That’s a problem. By regularly writing I’m hoping I’ll get into a flow where blogging becomes more natural and quicker for me.

So there you have it, reasons to blog for business. I’ll keep pushing the concept of regularly blogging and at some point I’ll probably write up some statistical findings of my own experiences, but until then I’ll attempt to blog more regularly than not, and you never know, I may even manage, some of the time at least, to blog every working day!

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