new twitter featuresTwitter, as with any business, are always looking at ways to improve their offering and have recently suggested a number of new enhancements to their 140-character platform worthy of note: some that are going to be very useful, one that’s a little worrying and another that’s just a bit of fun:

Useful: More character space

At the end of May Twitter announced that it will be removing some limits on what counts towards the 140 character limit. Specifically:

  • When replying to a tweet, mentioning the @twitterhandle of the original author will no longer count towards the 140 characters
  • Media attachments (photos, GIFs, videos, polls, etc.) will no longer count towards the 140 characters

Useful: Retweet yourself

Ever tweeted something and then thought you’d like to follow up on what you said? Well Twitter are going to offer the opportunity to retweet yourself and add a comment

Useful: Leading with a mention

You may not have realised but if you start a tweet with a twitter handle (e.g. @flavourfy) it will not be shared with your followers. That’s why you may have seen a lot of tweets starting with a ‘.’ (e.g. .@flavourfy). But Twitter’s changing this so that you can start a tweet with a handle and it will reach all your followers.

Worrying: @twitterhandle not counting towards 140 characters

Whilst I listed it as useful above that mentioning a Twitter handle will no longer count towards the 140 character limit, this doesnt come without a risk as it also means you can add lots of handles to your tweet. Whilst there is an upper limit of up to 50 handle mentions, are we going to see a new platform for spam marketing – spam tweets? Let’s hope not, but it seems this change could inspire some to spread their word much wider than currently possible.

Fun: stickers

This week Twitter announced a new feature for photos: stickers. You’ll be able to pick from a range of emojis and props and add them to your photos.

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