The Buffer app is one of my favourite online tools. I use it everyday to schedule posts to my social media channels as well as stack up schedules of posts for my clients. It enables me to assign specific times of the week or month where I focus on scheduling social media posts for the forthcoming month/week as well as adding new content to the schedule as and when I need to, usually on a daily basis.

Buffer app screen grab

It’s fantastic! I love being able to set up a calendar based list of scheduled times I want to post each day and I can just add content by using the various browser/mobile widgets/apps to the next available slot in the schedule. And then you have the power scheduler that enables to you to post links to specific content multiple times across multiple channels – really useful if you want to repost links to your blog a number of times, particularly on Twitter.

These are just some of the features that, for me, means Buffer wins hands down. Oh yes – and their support guys are fantastic as well.

But I wanted to share three ways that Buffer also helped me take a holiday recently. Here’s how:

  1. Firstly it enabled me to create the illusion I was still working by prescheduling a number of tweets before I left for my holiday and whilst I may not have tweeted as many times as I would normally and it did require finding the time (and content) before I went and I probably didn’t manage to cover the full 3.5 weeks I was away, it was very helpful in getting some stuff out
  2. It enabled me to provide the services I offer to some of my social media clients by stacking up their posts across the time I was away, meaning I wasn’t having to log into their social media every day to get some posts out on their channels
  3. It was also useful because any new content I wanted to post whilst I was away (because I did do some work whilst I was away) could be just added to the next available time slot in their schedule, without (and this was very important) having to worry that I was in a GMT+9 timezone – i.e. I didn’t need to make sure I wasn’t posting in the middle of the night UK time, even though I was abroad.

So, there you have it. If you’ve not already discovered what Buffer can offer you with your social media shares and to make your life easier, then I’d suggest you check it out. (And just for the record, Buffer, haven’t paid me to say these nice things 🙂



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