I don’t tend to use all of Google’s services but I probably use most. One I particularly like is Google Photos – it has some pretty cool features. For example, with the app on my iPhone I can automatically back up the photos I take on the phone and with the resolution set below a certain threshold you can do that without needing to buy more space; you can even use adjectives to search through your photos and it will locate corresponding photos (e.g. if I search “cake” it finds photos with cakes in, even when I’ve not tagged them as such) – awesome!

The IOS app also does some pretty cool stuff too. It can piece your photos together and create a video story, for example. One feature I particularly like is that it will stitch together photos to create a panorama to great effect – using, I’m guessing the same tech that is used to create 360 photos. Anyway, the result of this has been pretty impressive.

Last week the Purbeck Networking group I belong to in Wareham, Dorset held a BBQ social up in the Purbeck Hills with stunning views, like this one:

Purnet BBQ Views

Naturally I took some photos with my phone and the Google app very kindly archived them to Google Photos for me. I then spotted it had stitched the following two photos together:

Excellent, let’s take a look…

Purnet BBQ

Can you spot the problem?

James from from The Salt Pig (put on excellent food BTW!) appears twice – whilst cooking behind the BBQ and then putting some food on the table. The rest of the panorama is perfect.

Anyway, not a criticism of Google’s abilities – I guess the facial recognition didn’t spot the same person in the two different photos – just something I found amusing and interestingly not something, I admit, I spotted the first time I looked at the stitched together photo…

The BBQ was amazing. Great food. Great company. Great scenery. Here’s an actual panorama I took with my phone:


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