cyber essentials trustworthyThe UK Government backed Cyber Essentials accreditation provides a way for businesses to ensure they are adequately protected from a cyber attack.

If your business is looking for a way to make sure you have the systems and tools in place to protect your business, Cyber Essentials is for you. It defines a basic set of controls that when implemented should provide most organisations with the protection it needs from an online attack so covers everything from network configuration (e.g. firewall settings) to anti-virus practices and software patching controls.

Cyber Essentials is a self-certification that your business has implemented the tools and complies with the advice, but there’s also a more advanced scheme (Cyber Essentials Plus) which requires external testing.

At the end of both schemes you attain accreditation which you can use to then demonstrate that you’re using adequate methods to protect your computers, network and your business.

Whilst reaching the Cyber Essentials standards is a sensible approach for any business wanting to protect itself from a cyber-threat, it should also be seen as a great way to show off your trustworthiness to your customers and potential new customers. By completing the scheme and gaining the accreditation you’ll be showing your customers that you take data security and privacy seriously and that you have taken adequate steps to protect their data.

What better way to stand out from your competitors!

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