Driving traffic to Facebook PagesDriving traffic to a Facebook page isn’t easy. It’s not impossible but it can take a lot of time and effort and it’s becoming increasingly harder to get a worthwhile reach – for example, it’s believed that less than 10% of a page’s followers will see posts from that page in their newsfeed.

But it’s not the end of the world, so here’s six ways you can improve the reach of your Facebook page and drive visitors to it:


Whilst your Facebook page should appear within search results when searching within Facebook, it is also possible for it to appear in search engine results, although, of course with the caveat that it will need to be relevant to the search


Publish content on your page that your fans (those who have clicked Like on your page) find interesting and engaging. By finding the right kind of content your fans are more likely to click Like or Share and if they do that then your page is likely to appear in their friend’s newsfeed.

Interacting with others

When it’s relevant and appropriate to do so, mention other Facebook pages in your posts. First off they’ll get a notification that you’ve mentioned them in your post, but secondly, there’s a good chance they’ll share your post to their followers.

Like other pages

If you like other pages as your page, they’ll get a notification that you’ve followed them. They may reciprocate and possible share that with their followers. All you need to do is seek out target pages and click the option to ‘Like as your page’ (click on the … option dropdown).


Link to your page from your other channels. Add links to your website and if you like, embed a Facebook feed. You can add a like button to your email, tweet about it…


You can easily set a budget and a target audience to run a set of Facebook ads. Facebook makes it easy for you to set a specific target of Facebook users and will push out your advert in their newsfeed. You can also boost specific posts direct from your page – you want to boost the posts that are doing well already, rather than pick on something that’s under performing.


So, not impossible, but time consuming. If you work at it you can get outstanding reach for your page, but if you just occasionally post content and don’t actually use your Facebook page it’s going to take a long time to see results, if at all.

Let me know if you have any other tips for boosting the number of visitors to your Facebook page.

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