The Flavourfy Digital mantra is simple:

Digital by default. Security by design.

These are important principles by which I work and which I believe all businesses should adhere to if they want to succeed in an online world.

Digital by default

The concept of digital by default is straightforward: businesses should be thinking about how they can be digital businesses rather than thinking about how they can use individual digital channels that might help their business. Businesses need to have the internet and digital in their business’s DNA, at the core of what they do, not as an add-on to their business processes.

In practice, it’s the difference between having a website because your business ought to have one and looking at how your business’s website performs as a part of the sales team; or the difference between just using social media when you remember or get a chance and putting a strategy in place that utilises your website, social media and analytics.

Being digital by default isn’t about starting again, it’s about looking at your online assets, how they work within your business and how they can work together more effectively. But it’s also about looking at what digital services you could be using online to make your business more efficient and your employees more effective.

Security by design

Succeeding in an online world isn’t just about using digital services, having a website or using social media. Security has a part to play in any business. If your business operates in an online environment whether digital by default or not, if your business comes under attack online (e.g. your website is hacked or infected with malware, your client data is stolen from your cloud provider or an employee misreads a fraudulent email) the outcomes could be catastrophic for your business and could have wider connotations than just having to rebuild a website or claim on cyber-insurance – what about customer trust, loss of business whilst the website is down, loss of SEO because Google delists the website?

Digital Strategy

I’ve written before about the importance of having a strategy in place and ‘digital by default; security by design’ should be a key part of any digital strategy. This is why the services I deliver have digital at their heart and with security in mind, for example:

And it’s also why when I talk about security I also talk about data protection compliance – if your business processes data, particularly personal data, then data protection has to be a key consideration.

So when you talk to Flavourfy Digital about digital services, we won’t just be having a conversation about how best to build your new website and whether to use Twitter or not, we’ll be talking about goals and objectives, deliverables, strategy, analytics, data security and data protection.

Your business cannot succeed online with just a website and social media. You need to consider how best to use the services available and how to protect your business whilst it operates in an online digital environment. Without a website strategy your website will not deliver results, without a social media strategy you won’t get engagement and without a data security strategy your business is at risk from harmful outside influences.

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