At the end of 2016 / beginning of 2017 we carried out a survey of Dorset businesses to take part in a data security survey with a view to assessing local business’s approach to email and website security, cloud services, cyber security and data protection. The results from this survey can be found in the presentation below.


  • Whilst the majority of respondents access their email over a secure connection, nearly a third either don’t or didn’t know whether they did or not
  • Nearly two thirds of respondents use the WordPress platform for their website (known to have regular security updates and to be the target of vulnerability attacks) and yet 11% of respondents had never checked they were running on the latest version of website software and only 39% knowingly regularly scanned their website for security issues
  • A third of respondents store personal data using cloud services and over half allow their employees to access cloud services via a mobile device, but less than a quarter have turned on 2-factor authentication for added security
  • Only 5 respondents had been Cyber Essentials accredited (a UK Government back cyber-security accreditation scheme) or checked to the standard of Cyber Essentials
  • Just over half of respondents have yet to consider the GDPR’s impact on their business. The GDPR is a new EU regulation that is likely to impact most businesses when it becomes UK law in May 2018
  • 46% of respondents have no internal policies and procedures within their businesses to control their security, use of digital and data protection compliance

State of Data Security Dorset Report 2017

If you didn’t take part in the survey but would like an analysis of how your data security practices compare to the survey results, then fill out this survey and we’ll drop you a quick analysis.

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