blogging for business

Blogging for business

I recently attended a meeting of the Dorset Entrepreneurs Network entitled ‘Blogging for Business’. The network is an informal networking group that meets regularly to share business experience and knowledge – I’m always up for some peer support for my business. Unfortunately the speaker wasn’t able to make the meeting at the last minute, so we had a little discussion amongst ourselves about blogging and why it’s a good thing for business. Thanks to a prompt from […]

Be Yourself Online

The secret to online success is to be yourself

I was listening to Andy Whyte from Inspiration Bureau at this week’s Purbeck Networking group speaking about presentation skills and having the confidence to speak to an audience. One of the tips he gave us was to relax and be yourself – if you relax, so will your audience. This is great advice and also a good rule to live by when you’re marketing your business online. In fact, recently I seem to have been saying this […]

how buffer helped me take a holday

Three ways Buffer helped me whilst I was on holiday

The Buffer app is one of my favourite online tools. I use it everyday to schedule posts to my social media channels as well as stack up schedules of posts for my clients. It enables me to assign specific times of the week or month where I focus on scheduling social media posts for the forthcoming month/week as well as adding new content to the schedule as and when I need to, usually on a daily […]

learning to run in business

Learning to run

My business, Flavourfy, turned two years old on Saturday, just gone. Happy birthday to me 🙂 Until April 2014 I was working in (what I thought was) a secure, salaried, job in the telecoms industry. For about 15 years previous to that, I’d been working in internet and telecoms regulation dealing with the UK Government and telecoms regulators and bodies, both in terms of making sure the companies I was working for were compliant with […]

Taking a holiday can be good for business

Taking a holiday can be good for business

I recently took a much needed holiday, it was the first I’d taken in nearly 2 years and the first major amount of time off since I formed Flavourfy in 2014. The holiday itself was 3.5 weeks – we had a great time visiting my wife’s brother, just south of Sydney in Australia – but with jet lag when we got back it was actually more like taking a month off. I’ll confess to having […]

How secure is your password?

Password manager app maker Splashdata published earlier this year their research into the worst passwords of 2015, highlighting the worst passwords being used across North America and Western Europe. The list contains some corkers, here’s the top 10: 123456 password 12345678 qwerty 12345 123456789 football 1234 1234567 baseball I guess we all laugh at such stupid choices, but it’s the age old problem: how do you remember your password? And as we use more and more […]

broadband speed in dorset

£1m worth of broadband connections in Dorset via voucher scheme

The government’s broadband connection voucher scheme which finished in October 2015 was set up to help businesses connect to superfast broadband services across the UK. Even though the scheme is city based, bizarrely Dorset was collectively included in the scheme as a city. Dorset County Council say that around 750 Dorset businesses have taken up the recent broadband connection voucher scheme, accounting for about £1m investment in broadband services across the county (the government’s fund for the scheme was […]

https encryption

Is it time for some https?

Encryption and secure internet connections like the web’s HTTPS protocols, aren’t a new thing but seem to be increasing in popularity. Just last week Whatsapp announced its conversations would be end to end encrypted and WordPress announced that domains on its servers would be automatically upgraded to https. Google of course have been pushing secure web for some time even implying that https web sites may rank better in search results and it seems […]

dark social messaging

The rise of dark social and what it means for digital marketing

I was reading a very interesting article by the folk at Buffer yesterday about how messaging and messaging apps are going to revolutionise the way we use social media. The article used the phrase ‘dark social’ a relatively new term. So, what is dark social? The term was first used back in 2012 in an article by tech journalist Alexis Madrigal, where he used it to describe hits to your website where there is no referrer information […]

the world at your finger tips

Three reasons for your business to be online

Even though the internet has only been around for about 20 or so years, the vast majority of people on the planet take the internet for granted. It’s key to most of our everyday lives – if we’re not googling to find the answer to a question we have, we’re reading email, keeping up to date on what our friends are doing or live streaming movies or music. The internet truly has become a worldwide phenomenon […]