Digital by Default. Security by Design.

Effective use of digital is more than web and social

The Flavourfy Digital mantra is simple: Digital by default. Security by design. These are important principles by which I work and which I believe all businesses should adhere to if they want to succeed in an online world. Digital by default The concept of digital by default is straightforward: businesses should be thinking about how they can be digital businesses rather than thinking about how they can use individual digital channels that might help their business. […]

Driving traffic to Facebook Pages

Six ways to drive traffic to your Facebook page

Driving traffic to a Facebook page isn’t easy. It’s not impossible but it can take a lot of time and effort and it’s becoming increasingly harder to get a worthwhile reach – for example, it’s believed that less than 10% of a page’s followers will see posts from that page in their newsfeed. But it’s not the end of the world, so here’s six ways you can improve the reach of your Facebook page and drive […]

talking behind your back

Are your customers talking behind your back?

Can you be sure your customers aren’t talking behind your back? Hopefully they’ll be saying something nice about your business, but you can’t always be sure. What you can be sure of is if you’re not on social media you’ll not necessarily know about it. Customers are increasingly going to social media to interact with businesses – in fact, according to the Institute of Customer Service last year there was an 8-fold increase in customer […]

facebook game

Why the Facebook game is getting harder

I’m working with a client at the moment looking at their social media strategy and how we can maximise their social media so that it builds their business. We’ve had some goals set so we know where we’re heading and we’re going to be using social media to reach those goals. Whilst we’re looking at a cross-platform strategy, they know from their own research that a lot of their customers primarily use Facebook and their Facebook […]

new twitter features

Six new features coming to Twitter

Twitter, as with any business, are always looking at ways to improve their offering and have recently suggested a number of new enhancements to their 140-character platform worthy of note: some that are going to be very useful, one that’s a little worrying and another that’s just a bit of fun: Useful: More character space At the end of May Twitter announced that it will be removing some limits on what counts towards the 140 character limit. Specifically: […]

how buffer helped me take a holday

Three ways Buffer helped me whilst I was on holiday

The Buffer app is one of my favourite online tools. I use it everyday to schedule posts to my social media channels as well as stack up schedules of posts for my clients. It enables me to assign specific times of the week or month where I focus on scheduling social media posts for the forthcoming month/week as well as adding new content to the schedule as and when I need to, usually on a daily […]

the time i met the dpp

The time I met the DPP

I was watching the BBC drama Undercover on Sunday with Mrs Flavourfy (it’s not bad for a legal drama). The main character Maya was starting her new job as Director of Public Prosecutions and she walked into the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) offices in London and I said to the wife “I’ve been there”. In fact I’ve been to the CPS offices quite a few times in the past mainly due to meetings about internet […]

dark social messaging

The rise of dark social and what it means for digital marketing

I was reading a very interesting article by the folk at Buffer yesterday about how messaging and messaging apps are going to revolutionise the way we use social media. The article used the phrase ‘dark social’ a relatively new term. So, what is dark social? The term was first used back in 2012 in an article by tech journalist Alexis Madrigal, where he used it to describe hits to your website where there is no referrer information […]


What is reach and why does it matter

When you’re working on a social media strategy you’ll want to make sure your content is seen by as many people as possible. The number of people who actually see your post is what’s called ‘reach’. It’s a metric to indicate just how many users on your channel have seen your post. Now you’d be forgiven in thinking well that’s easy to work out: reach is the number of people who follow me on Twitter or […]

customer service contact points

The internet is changing the face of customer service

I’m kicking myself. There was a cold caller at my door this afternoon looking to offer me free wall insulation. I’m kicking myself because I didn’t catch which business the chap was representing because I wanted to complain about his rude and abrupt nature when I said I wasn’t interested. You see, apart from looking rather disheveled he had the same bad attitude a lot of cold callers have – they just can’t believe you’re […]