State of Data Security Dorset 2017

State of Data Security in Dorset Report 2017

At the end of 2016 / beginning of 2017 we carried out a survey of Dorset businesses to take part in a data security survey with a view to assessing local business’s approach to email and website security, cloud services, cyber security and data protection. The results from this survey can be found in the presentation below. Highlights Whilst the majority of respondents access their email over a secure connection, nearly a third either don’t […]

WordPress Security

Five ways to keep your WordPress site secure

As a website platform, WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular: of the billions of websites on the internet, it’s estimated that around 27% of them run on the WordPress CMS.But with popularity comes a number of challenges and in the digital world, one such challenge is being a target for hackers and other opportunistic cyber-security threats.So, due to its popularity WordPress users have become a target and if you don’t keep your site […]

how's your online reputation

Poor data security can ruin your business reputation

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently” – Warren Buffet Reputation is an important asset for any business, regardless of size. Reputation indicates trust in your business, the chance that your customers will act as brand advocates and help spread the word about your excellent services. Reputation is a key factor in growing your brand and therefore your business. In the digital space, […]

The GDPR is Coming

The GDPR is coming

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become law in the UK next year. If you’re not sure what the GDPR is or how it will affect your business, then now’s the time to start paying attention. It’s a new piece of EU legislation which will become law in 2018 across Europe. Even with us leaving the European Union the law will still apply to the UK, and because it’s a Regulation rather than a Directive it […]

Digital by Default. Security by Design.

Effective use of digital is more than web and social

The Flavourfy Digital mantra is simple: Digital by default. Security by design. These are important principles by which I work and which I believe all businesses should adhere to if they want to succeed in an online world. Digital by default The concept of digital by default is straightforward: businesses should be thinking about how they can be digital businesses rather than thinking about how they can use individual digital channels that might help their business. […]

cyber essentials trustworthy

Cyber essentials as a way to show trustworthiness

The UK Government backed Cyber Essentials accreditation provides a way for businesses to ensure they are adequately protected from a cyber attack. If your business is looking for a way to make sure you have the systems and tools in place to protect your business, Cyber Essentials is for you. It defines a basic set of controls that when implemented should provide most organisations with the protection it needs from an online attack so covers everything from […]


Are you next in line for a cyber-attack?

Cyber attacks are nothing new. We tend to only hear about the big stories (viz the TalkTalk hack in 2015) but can we remain complacent that it will never happen to us? KPMG and BT (in their paper “Taking the offensive. Working together to disrupt digital crime“) believe that only 22% of large corporate businesses believe they’re prepared for a cyber-security breach and about 25% don’t even discuss it at board level. If these large corporations […]

How secure is your password?

Password manager app maker Splashdata published earlier this year their research into the worst passwords of 2015, highlighting the worst passwords being used across North America and Western Europe. The list contains some corkers, here’s the top 10: 123456 password 12345678 qwerty 12345 123456789 football 1234 1234567 baseball I guess we all laugh at such stupid choices, but it’s the age old problem: how do you remember your password? And as we use more and more […]

https encryption

Is it time for some https?

Encryption and secure internet connections like the web’s HTTPS protocols, aren’t a new thing but seem to be increasing in popularity. Just last week Whatsapp announced its conversations would be end to end encrypted and WordPress announced that domains on its servers would be automatically upgraded to https. Google of course have been pushing secure web for some time even implying that https web sites may rank better in search results and it seems […]

education & awareness

Education and awareness key to cyber-security success

I attended a Digital Leaders webinar last week on “Digital Transformation through Cyber Resilience. Changing Behaviours from the Boardroom to the Frontline“. The seminar was presented by Nick Wilding (AXELOS) and Amar Singh (Cyber Management Alliance). Whilst the talk had an angle to enabling board level buy-in (i.e. reasons why the Board needs to pay attention to cyber-security) the speakers presented some very interesting findings. The talk was recorded and put on the Digital Leader’s YouTube channel, so I’ve embedded […]