Digital Marketing talk in association with Peninsula Business Services

Digital Marketing talk in association with Peninsula Business Services

I’ve teamed up with Peninsula Business Services, experts in HR and health and safety for an exclusive event for Business Leaders. I’ll be speaking about digital marketing and how with the right website, content and social media strategies, businesses can be successful online. As well as my talk on digital marketing, a representative from Peninsula will be providing an essential update and advice on: managing staff behaviour – performance, attendance, attitude, conduct updating documents of employment […]

Stitching the Purnet BBQ

I don’t tend to use all of Google’s services but I probably use most. One I particularly like is Google Photos – it has some pretty cool features. For example, with the app on my iPhone I can automatically back up the photos I take on the phone and with the resolution set below a certain threshold you can do that without needing to buy more space; you can even use adjectives to search through your photos […]

ISPA Awards

And the winner is…

On the 7th of this month I had the honour of presenting an award at the annual ISPA Awards – an awards ceremony recognising the best of the internet and internet services industry in the UK plus the annual Internet Hero and Internet Villain awards (Mossack Fonseca won the villain award BTW for it’s poor cyber-security practices). I’ve been involved with ISPA for some years representing the businesses I worked for (Demon Internet, THUS plc, Cable&Wireless […]

learning to run in business

Learning to run

My business, Flavourfy, turned two years old on Saturday, just gone. Happy birthday to me 🙂 Until April 2014 I was working in (what I thought was) a secure, salaried, job in the telecoms industry. For about 15 years previous to that, I’d been working in internet and telecoms regulation dealing with the UK Government and telecoms regulators and bodies, both in terms of making sure the companies I was working for were compliant with […]

Taking a holiday can be good for business

Taking a holiday can be good for business

I recently took a much needed holiday, it was the first I’d taken in nearly 2 years and the first major amount of time off since I formed Flavourfy in 2014. The holiday itself was 3.5 weeks – we had a great time visiting my wife’s brother, just south of Sydney in Australia – but with jet lag when we got back it was actually more like taking a month off. I’ll confess to having […]

the time i met the dpp

The time I met the DPP

I was watching the BBC drama Undercover on Sunday with Mrs Flavourfy (it’s not bad for a legal drama). The main character Maya was starting her new job as Director of Public Prosecutions and she walked into the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) offices in London and I said to the wife “I’ve been there”. In fact I’ve been to the CPS offices quite a few times in the past mainly due to meetings about internet […]

Princes Trust Digital Marketing Workshop

Being awesome online

I recently did a talk for the Bournemouth and Poole Prince’s Trust (I’m one of their specialist mentors) on digital marketing strategy. We only had a couple of hours for the workshop which in the bigger scheme of things isn’t much time to get across what essentially is a complex subject covering a large number of disciplines, so it was a whirlwind tour where I tried to touch on as much as possible. The key […]

2013 ISPA Awards

Judging the ISPA Awards

I’m really pleased to have been asked to be on the judging panel for this year’s ISPA Awards. The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) is a trade association that represents over 200 internet service providers in the UK. Their role includes everything from representation of the industry with parliamentarian, the government and other bodies to self-regulatory codes of practice. My link with ISPA goes back over 15 years, when I started getting involved in my role as Content […]

When I grow up

I’ve recently attended a couple of Well & Connected business networking events. Part of the networking involves a kind of storytelling speed networking session – the organisers give you a topic to discuss, you then get 2 minutes to discuss that topic with someone you’ve not met before, before moving onto the next unsuspecting person – this continues for about 20mins or so. As a networking concept, I quite liked the idea, not least of all it […]

facing your blogging challenges

The blog a day challenge

I’ve said many times that the key to online success and the glue that sticks your website and social media strategies together is content: once you have an idea for content you should blog it and share it online. I think for some businesses that’s easier than for others and of course is very much driven by finding something to write about, which has purpose and is of interest (hopefully) to your readers and potential customers.