Data Protection Courses & Workshops

To ensure your business is compliant with the Data Protection Act and the forthcoming European General Data Protection Regulation you need to not only make sure your business processes are compliant but also that your employees understand their responsibilities. Flavourfy Digital can run a compliance course for the relevant areas of your business so that they protect both themselves and your business.

What is Data?
Data Protection Principles
Best Practices

Strengthen the future of your business

Auditing your business processes and securing your online assets is one thing, but you need long term solutions to ensure your business is always protected. Flavourfy Digital provides security and data protection solutions to minimise the risk and prepare your business for when it needs it most.

Web & Data Security

Review your web app and data processes to ensure protection and compliance

Cyber Security Training

Eliminate risk from cyber attack and ensure compliance by training your staff

GDPR Preparation

Audit of your business processes to ensure compliance with GDRP by 2018

Data Protection Audit

A review of your data trails and processes to ensure compliance

Data Protection Officer

Ensure the relevant parts of your business understand DPA compliance

Wordpress Security

WordPress security review, set-up and management

Find out how Flavourfy Digital can protect your business