Proving you're compliant

In May 2018 the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force ushering in a new era of data protection compliance. Whilst in some areas it is very similar to the UK's old (1998) Data Protection Act, there were some significant changes that will have affected your business.

The new concept of "accountability" and other new aspects of GDPR mean that you have to prove you're compliance - it's not just good enough that you believe are compliant. This approach holds true in terms of maintaining your compliance. Both the accountability principle and Article 24 mean that you need to demonstrate you are compliant today, yesterday, last month, next month, next year... GDPR compliance is not just about 25th May 2018!

So we've developed some services to help you meet that ongoing compliance commitment. Whether you're looking to meet the requirements yourself or looking for help in auditing your current compliance, we can help.