Brexit Briefing: Brexit, you and your EU data flows

There are not many parts of our lives that aren’t impacted by the outcome of Brexit (whatever that may look like in the end). Data protection is no different. The GDPR has specific rules about the processing of EU citizen personal data outside the EU and if/when the UK leaves Europe what will that mean for EU data processed in the UK and vice versa? Join this free webinar to join Data Compliance and GDPR […]

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What the Draft Brexit Agreement might mean for data protection

In case you missed it, the Cabinet in Westminster has “agreed” Theresa May’s draft Brexit Agreementfor moving the UK out the EU next year. Whilst the media continue to dissect the agreement and whether the Cabinet really does “back” the proposals, and discussions continue about the impact it has on the Northern Ireland border, the economy, what it will mean to business, etc… it’s also worth pointing out the the agreement also includes some bits […]

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What does the Great Repeal Bill mean for data protection?

On 2nd February the UK Government published it’s white paper setting out the 12 principles which will guide the UK’s exit from the EU (Brexit). The plan includes “providing certainty and clarity” and “taking control of our own laws”. The principle for taking control of our own laws is an interesting one. It generally refers to a proposed Great Repeal Bill (introduced to Parliament back in October) which will remove the European Communities Act 1972 from UK law and […]