talking behind your back

Are your customers talking behind your back?

Can you be sure your customers aren’t talking behind your back? Hopefully they’ll be saying something nice about your business, but you can’t always be sure. What you can be sure of is if you’re not on social media you’ll not necessarily know about it. Customers are increasingly going to social media to interact with businesses – in fact, according to the Institute of Customer Service last year there was an 8-fold increase in customer […]

customer service contact points

The internet is changing the face of customer service

I’m kicking myself. There was a cold caller at my door this afternoon looking to offer me free wall insulation. I’m kicking myself because I didn’t catch which business the chap was representing because I wanted to complain about his rude and abrupt nature when I said I wasn’t interested. You see, apart from looking rather disheveled he had the same bad attitude a lot of cold callers have – they just can’t believe you’re […]