dark social messaging

The rise of dark social and what it means for digital marketing

I was reading a very interesting article by the folk at Buffer yesterday about how messaging and messaging apps are going to revolutionise the way we use social media. The article used the phrase ‘dark social’ a relatively new term. So, what is dark social? The term was first used back in 2012 in an article by tech journalist Alexis Madrigal, where he used it to describe hits to your website where there is no referrer information […]

mobile responsive

Three reasons your website needs to look great on a mobile device

We all know that websites need to be designed to work on mobile devices, but, if you’re not convinced or if you’ve not quite got round to making sure your site is mobile compatible (or ‘responsive’ meaning it works properly on a mobile device) then maybe these three facts might change your mind or add a little urgency: Last week Google announced from April 21st “mobile-friendliness” will be used as a ranking signal. That means […]