the time i met the dpp

The time I met the DPP

I was watching the BBC drama Undercover on Sunday with Mrs Flavourfy (it’s not bad for a legal drama). The main character Maya was starting her new job as Director of Public Prosecutions and she walked into the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) offices in London and I said to the wife “I’ve been there”. In fact I’ve been to the CPS offices quite a few times in the past mainly due to meetings about internet […]

digital strategy

It’s time to stop thinking in digital marketing silos

When people ask me what I do, I tell them I’m a digital consultant – I help businesses look at what they’re doing online and if necessary how they can improve to help drive their business growth and success. For some, the response to that can be “Oh. Right. So you design websites?” or “So do you manage social media channels?” and my response to those questions is “yes and no” –  digital and digital marketing […]

5 Reasons your business needs to pay attention to social media

I wanted to praise a local business today for some great customer service I’d just received in recognition of my customer loyalty, so I thought I’d take to Twitter and send out a tweet of my gratitude, but looking for a Twitter handle for that business realised they weren’t on Twitter. Indeed, whilst searching for them, I saw that others had tweeted some good feedback about their business, but they hadn’t found a Twitter handle […]