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Six new features coming to Twitter

Twitter, as with any business, are always looking at ways to improve their offering and have recently suggested a number of new enhancements to their 140-character platform worthy of note: some that are going to be very useful, one that’s a little worrying and another that’s just a bit of fun: Useful: More character space At the end of May Twitter announced that it will be removing some limits on what counts towards the 140 character limit. Specifically: […]


What is reach and why does it matter

When you’re working on a social media strategy you’ll want to make sure your content is seen by as many people as possible. The number of people who actually see your post is what’s called ‘reach’. It’s a metric to indicate just how many users on your channel have seen your post. Now you’d be forgiven in thinking well that’s easy to work out: reach is the number of people who follow me on Twitter or […]

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Twitter introduces an alternative timeline

If you’re a regular user of Twitter you will have noticed a couple of occasions recently where the twitters-sphere have become rather restless about planned changes to the way Twitter works – after all we all love Twitter for the way it is, don’t we? No one likes change, after all! The initial outcry occurred when it was suggested that Twitter might be looking to expand the character length of a tweet from 140 to […]

Show you care with Twitter hearts

Show you care with a Twitter heart

I often get asked about why you’d favourite a tweet on Twitter. The answer is simple: it shows the person who tweeted that you enjoyed their tweet and they’ll get a notification that you favourited it, which from a marketing perspective is a good thing as you’ll bring yourself to their attention. However, the days of favouriting a tweet and clicking on Twitter stars are over. This week Twitter replaced the stars with hearts. Clicking […]

Tweets now showing in Google search results

Google now listing tweets in search results

Google’s mobile apps have been listing tweets in search results on mobile since May, but last week the search giant announced (via an update to the original announcement) that tweets will now appear in Google desktop searches too. What this means is that Google search will now show relevant tweets in its search results. This is made possible by an agreement with Twitter for Google to have access to the Twitter ‘firehose’ (tweets), so expect to […]

How to be awesome on Twitter

Ten ways your business can be awesome on Twitter

I was recently asked by Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce to come up with five tips for using Twitter. No problem, I thought, that’s easy, but actually when I thought about it, it’s not as easy as it first seems to limit tips to just five, because there is so much to say about how to effectively use Twitter, particularly for business use. In the end I jotted down my top tips and reduced them to […]