WordPress Security

Five ways to keep your WordPress site secure

As a website platform, WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular: of the billions of websites on the internet, it’s estimated that around 27% of them run on the WordPress CMS.But with popularity comes a number of challenges and in the digital world, one such challenge is being a target for hackers and other opportunistic cyber-security threats.So, due to its popularity WordPress users have become a target and if you don’t keep your site […]

wordpress plugins

My 5 favourite WordPress plugins

Something I like about WordPress is that you can pretty much find a plugin to do anything you want, so if WordPress doesn’t quite carry out a function you need for your website, look for a plugin, there’s bound to be one that does exactly what you want. And something I like about wordpress.org is that I can log in and mark my favourite plugins to use across all the sites I manage. So here’s my […]

how to setup wordpress

How to set up WordPress ready to use

I love WordPress. It’s easy to use and configure, there’s lots of design options and with the help of plugins you can pretty much get it to do anything you want in terms of displaying your website content. Plus, WordPress does a pretty good SEO job generally. And I know I’m not alone in loving it – at the last count about 26% of the websites on the planet are running on WordPress. So, what […]


Google steps up it’s mobile search strategy

Last year Google started using mobile friendliness as a ranking signal for search results on mobile. Yesterday, they announced that from May that signal will be even stronger. If your website is already mobile friendly then you’ve nothing to worry about, but if your site isn’t responsive, then now’s the time to get that fixed, otherwise it will be even harder for it to rank in mobile search results. That said, Google do say that if your […]