Web App & Data Security Review

It doesn't matter how big or small your business is, there's always a risk that it could be the victim of a hack or data breach. Protecting your business in an online environment is more important than ever, which is why Flavourfy Digital offers specialist data security services designed to not only protect your business but also your customers. From looking at the online services your business uses, such as your website and cloud applications, and the way you process data an audit plan can be produced to minimise the risk of a cyber threat and to ensure compliance with data protection law.

Website Security
Application Security
Data Audit
Policy & Process

How it works


A look at your business and business processes to identify the risks, gaps and opportunities


A list of actions and recommendations that addresses any gaps or risks


Delivery of your plan for you or help facilitate it


Ongoing support to ensure continued success and future-proofing

Strengthen the future of your business

Auditing your business processes and securing your online assets is one thing, but you need long term solutions to ensure your business is always protected. Flavourfy Digital provides security and data protection solutions to minimise the risk and prepare your business for when it needs it most.

Cyber Security Training

Eliminate risk from cyber attack and ensure compliance by training your staff

GDPR Preparation

Audit of your business processes to ensure compliance with GDRP by 2018

Data Protection Audit

A review of your data trails and processes to ensure compliance

Data Protection Officer

Take the worry away by outsourcing your data protection compliance

Data Protection Training

Ensure the relevant parts of your business understand DPA compliance

Wordpress Security

WordPress security review, set-up and management

Find out how Flavourfy Digital can protect your business